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Guidelines and tips for getting started

  • Eye and Ear protection. This is required! Please do not step on to the traps to shoot without these items. FVCTC has loaners if you do not have these items.
  • A shooting vest or belt pouch for keeping your shells while shooting, because setting the shell boxes on the ground is not fun and does not allow you to focus on shooting and gun safety. We do have loaners on hand, if you do not have these items.
  • A shotgun in safe functioning condition, 12-, 20-, 28-, 16-, 410-gauge is OK. If you have not shot before on a trap range, please ask one of the staff or board members for help. We will be glad to help you get started.
  • Shells. Please use target loads with the largest shot size being 7.5 and the smallest effective shot size being #9. Please do not use magnum or express shells and shot sizes larger that 7.5, as these loads compromise range safety. A 1 oz. of 8 shot or a light target of 1 1/8 oz. of 8 shot are excellent to get started with as they have a low recoil characteristic. The club sells shells at the cashier window and would be glad to make recommendations.
Getting on a squad and going out to shoot
  1. Go to the cashier window and ask to sign up on a squad sheet. If you are just getting started look to sign up on post 2, 3, 4, or 5, as you won't have to lead off every post and have some extra things to pay attention to.
  2. If you are just getting started, sign up on a sheet shooting the 16-yard line, as you will be able to build your skills at this distance easier.
  3. Do not sign up on more than one sheet at a time, as this creates confusion for the person squadding the shooters to their assigned trap.
  4. Once you have signed up on a sheet, listen for your name to be called either over the P.A. or by someone calling out to go to a specific trap. FVCTC traps are numbered on the side – P thru 6 – moving downfield to the right of the clubhouse.
  5. Do not load your shotgun until you get to your shooting station and do not have your shotgun loaded while moving between shooting stations. If you have any questions regarding safety, shooting on a squad, or equipment, please ask – we are glad to help!
  6. Do not share a shotgun on the traps. This compromises gun safety. FVCTC has loaners.

Be safe. Have fun and shoot well




George Miletich, Jr.
FVCTC Board of Directors